7 Teenage Fashion Tips of all Times: Perfect for Guys and Dolls

Hello there and welcome to my blog on teenage fashion tips of all times.

Being a teenager can be very difficult.

You have a lot of tension and stress about your school, college, and your overall life.

And inside that deep pool of stress lies a constant need to be in fashion as fashion is a very big and important part of a teenager’s life.

In this article, I have shared some easy and practical teenage fashion tips of all time that are both easy and practical.

So, whether you are here as a parent or a teen girl looking to find some fashion tips for teenage girls, or you are here as a parent or a teen boy looking to find some teenage fashion tips for guys, you all have come to the right place.

Firstly, let’s talk about some fashion tips for teenage girl:

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl

For many teenage girls, developing a sense of style that reflects them is an important part of going through adolescence.

You want something that is both unique and fashionable all at the same time making you feel good.

Here are a few teenage fashion tips of all times for you or your teen daughters.

1. Be confident and smart

Image by Vijay Hu from Pixabay

I know this does not sound like fashion tips for teenage girl, but confidence is something that can make any dress or hairstyle look better on you.

Wear your confidence like an armor against those judgmental eyes of the society and just be whoever you want to be.

Make sure that whatever you are wearing makes you comfortable.

Be smart to wear smart.

Keep experimenting with your clothes and you will never run out of them.

Being uneasy in a great outfit can lead to a great fashion fail.

On the other hand, wearing a dress that isn’t that great but makes you feel comfortable will make you look more attractive and assertive.

I’d say this is my no. 1 teenage fashion tips of all times.

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2. Colorful layering

Image by Christo Anestev

Layers will be in fashion forever and so in these fashion tips for teenage girl, I’d say get them ASAP.

Adding colors to your wardrobe and attire will make you look and feel joyful.

Whether it is a plain denim with a colorful crossbody bag, or jacket over a colorful jacket, adding colorful layers makes you look more in the trend.

3. Assess and dress

Image by lisa runnels

Assess your figure and choose your dress accordingly.

Most body challenges can be overcome by simply balancing them out.

Here are a few fashion tips of all times for different body features:

  • Short waist – Keep you dress uncluttered so that it appears longer.
  • Broad shoulder – Try out the raglan and dolman sleeves
  • Slopping shoulder – Use camouflage to make them look slimmer and taller.
  • Big bust – Go for the V-necks.

4. Keep a crop top

Image by Nature29201

Crop tops have been in trend for a long time now and you must have seen many teens and adults wearing them all the time.

They are both comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Pair your striped crop top with the striped colored jeans or shorts or skirts, and you are good to go.

My one of the best fashion tips for teenage girl wearing a crop top would be to keep her accessories and makeup to a bare minimum so that the focus goes to your top.

5. Proportion

Image by Mircea Iancu

No. I am not teaching math here. This is fashion tips for teenage girls.

Proportion is very important when it comes to fashion.

Go for the trend: long over short or short over long.

Pairing your maxi dress with a cropped jacket, wearing a long t-shirt over skinny jeans, or a tunic paired with a short pencil skirt are a few of my fashion tips of all times.

6. Stockings with shorts

Image by StockSnap

If you are wearing shorts and want to show off your stunning style statement, try pairing it up with a netted stocking.

They make your legs look beautiful.

You can pair them with crop tops and cute sneakers for a complete look.

Add on a cap and aviators and you are good to go girl.

7. Style your eyes

Image by Sasin Tipchai

Slip-on the latest shade over any style and it will make you look fashionable.

Be it big chunky glasses, or aviators, or any other style that suits your face, own it.

Own a few colorful glasses that you can wear casually and a few formal ones.

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After seeing some fashion tips for teenage girl, let’s see some teenage fashion tips for guys.

Teenage Fashion Tips for Guys

Fashion is important for all teens – guys or girls.

However, you don’t always have to go over budget to be fashionable.

Adolescence is a very complex stage but also, very important.

This is where everything in your life starts – be it relationships, long-lasting friendships, or thinking about the future or any other important stuff.

So, teens generally feel a need to look attractive and be comfortable with other people all at the same time making a style icon for themselves.

So here I have jumbled up a few fashion tips of all times for you or your son to make his adolescence a little better.

1. Get the right hairstyle

Image by Erik Lucatero

Be it, boys or men, the fashion for you always starts from styling your hair.

So, getting the right hairstyle is my no. 1 teenage fashion tips for guys.

But, be cautious while doing it because having a hairstyle that is in trend but doesn’t suit you is not right for you.

Just imagine Vin Diesel or the rock with long hairs and you will know what I am talking about.

Choose a hairstyle that fits your facial features, shape, and hair color.

Just going for a Chris Pratt hairstyle may or not be the right fashion tips for guys such as you.

2. Style Quotient

Image by Tania Van den Berghen

Read men’s fashion magazines and websites like GQ, Esquire, etc. and develop your trend.

As a parent, figure out what style icon your son likes and help him follow similar styles that suit him.

Social Media is also a great platform to learn about the latest trends.

As fashion tips of all times, I’d suggest you find out the trend that suits you or your son and make it a style quotient.

3. Sleeves

Image by StockSnap

My teenage fashion tips for guys is to keep a few short sleeve shirts and t-shirts in your closet.

When it comes to sleeves, long one’s suit almost everyone but cannot be worn every time.

Short sleeves are perfect for a casual outing with friends on a sunny day or a beach, or even to your class.

Having sleeves short enough that show your biceps (whether you have them or not doesn’t matter) will make you look slimmer.

4. Choose brands wisely

Image by Awais Mughal

When it comes to brands, not every one of them might have what you need.

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Choose them wisely. Select the brand that matches your personality and is within your budget.

Keep into consideration, your son’s height, weight and body shape while buying him clothes.

My teenage fashion tips for guys are:

  • If he is overweight, go for vertical stripes as they will make him look slimmer.
  • If he is slim, go for tight-fitted clothes as they make him look fitter and highlight his lean waist.

5. Say no to complex graphics

Image by StockSnap

Unless you are going to a concert of some kind, avoid complex graphic t-shirts.

Wearing a solid t-shirt or a t-shirt with fewer graphics will give a neat and clean vibe as compared to the dirty rugged vibe from the complex graphic t-shirts.

Don’t fall into this stereotype and go for something that suits you and makes you look unique.

Always remember, simplicity is timeless and making that your style statement will allow you to keep it for your lifetime.

6. No slouching

Image by R A

Well here comes my ultimate teenage fashion tips for guys – No slouching.

Maintaining a good posture makes you look confident, attractive, and more dependable.

No matter what you are wearing, if you aren’t having the right posture, it can make even the best outfits fail.

I am not saying for you to ache your back, but avoid slouching as much as possible unless you have some back issues like that of the hunchback of Notre Dame.

So, I’d say, pull out your chest, pull in your stomach, and keep your head a bit high. This is my ultimate teenage fashion tips for guys.

7. Accessorize – Not too much, not too little

Image by Juan Boche

Wearing an accessory such as a watch or a band on your hand or a necklace might look good but it should be done in moderation and as per the occasion.

An outfit for a formal meeting or class does not need a necklace around your neck or band around your wrist.

Similarly, going to a funky party with just a simple watch might not be the right choice either.

So, pick accessories that suit the occasion and do not overdo it.

Accessories are there to enhance your look not outshine it.


You don’t need to spend money on any stylist to be fashionable, just follow these fashion tips of all times and you can fashionable in your own way.

Au revoir!

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