2020 Trends: Latest Fashion for Baby Girl to Die for

You might be wondering: Where to find designer dresses for girl child?

Well, worry not, coz you my dear have come to the right place.

I know you are looking for something that’s in line with the latest fashion for baby girl and is in the latest fashion for girls 2020.

You are looking for the trendy baby girl dresses to satisfy your little one’s desire.

Fashion is something that is loved by all alike, be it an adult or a kid.

That time has long gone when the kids used to wear whatever their parents bought for them.

In today’s era, kids have very high demands in terms of fashion.

Just like their parents and older siblings, they too want to be fashionable and in line with modern pop culture.

The fashion sense in kids is usually influenced by the social media and other online platforms that are very easily accessible to them.

If you go to any retail store or see the latest baby girl dresses in any of the online stores, you will see that the latest fashion for baby girl is colorful, sporty, fresh and overall irresistible.

Finding the designer dresses for girl child can be very daunting for a parent.

So, let’s check out the latest fashion for girls 2020.

Latest Fashion for Girls 2020

Most girls love sauntering about in outlandish baby girl dresses and dress-up for special occasions.

Back in the old days, not many parents used to think about the latest fashion for baby girl.

But now, the times have changed. Buying the latest designer dresses for girl child has become a statement of class and so, has become serious.

So, what are the trends that your little fashionistas can look forward to wearing in this year’s fashion for girls 2020?

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1. Gender-neutral fashion

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Pink for girls. Blue for boys.

Those days have been long gone when these were the latest fashion for baby girl and baby boy.

The designers and parents have ditched this stereotypical trend and opted for a more comfortable gender-neutral fashion in the latest fashion for girls 2020 trend.

2. Styles that are inspired by sports

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

In 2020, you will see a major shift in the baby girl dresses and baby boy dresses inspired by sports.

For example,

  • Dinosaur and automobile prints – for girls
  • Delicate colors and prints – for boys
  • Science and math motifs – for girls
  • Embroidery and crochet – for both

3. Tribal and Folk Style

Image by naturepost from Pixabay

Designers have often been seen giving a modern touch to old traditions.

The same is the case with tribal and folk style baby girl dresses in which the designers and giving their modern twist using their interpretation of the folk style.

The influence on the designer dresses for girl child can come from all over the world including – African, Aztec, Native American, and Indian Tribal communities.

So, look out for the beads, feathers, pom-poms, floral embroidery, thread work, and geometric patterns, the next time you go shopping for the latest trends in fashion for girls 2020.

4. In love with the metals

Gold and silver-toned baby girl dresses are the rage this year.

But apart from them, the metallic sheen can be seen in other pretty colors as well.

The shiny biker jackets in pink and mauve, those sparkly sandals, the gorgeous gold buckles on baby girl dresses and pants, and also the silver or rose-colored bags or backpacks are all in fashion for girls 2020.

5. Let’s be inspired by nature

Image by DWilliams from Pixabay

Who doesn’t love a leopard print dress?

Be it a you or your gorgeous little fashionista, leopard print is for everyone.

We all are well aware of the deteriorating state of our environment and so it is natural to show our sentiments towards conservation of mother nature.

Fashion pundits are all in for this sentiment by favoring organic and natural fabrics that are healthy for the environment.

So, the trends in the latest fashion for girls 2020 contain cute designer dresses for girl child made of environment-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, jute, khadi, and bamboo.

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As for the patterns this season, flowers, foliage, and earthly colors are hot.

6. Ever-trendy denims

Image by GGGG from Pixabay

How can we forget about denims?

They never go out of style, be it for adults or kids.

This is the main reason why all over the world fashionistas are obsessed with denim and so is the latest fashion for girls 2020 catalog.

So, today denims are not only restricted to jeans and shorts.

You can find them in shoes, dresses and even earrings.

7. Ruffles – retro with a modern twist

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Ruffles have returned in fashion this season and everyone from the catwalk to the Hollywood stars are all sporting this look.

Since it’s already influenced the adult fashion trends it’s not surprising that it found its’ way into the latest fashion for girls 2020.

It’s being incorporated into everything from jackets to skirts to dresses to shoes and has become a pinnacle of fashion.

8. Bold colors are the go-to

Image by khamkhor from Pixabay

2020 is the year of individuality, and being bold. We can even go as far as to say ostentatious.

The prints and single-color palettes symbolize feminism and boldness

The baby girl dresses this season are all about being seen and admired instead of fading in the background.

Vibrant, bright, and bold are the colors to go for in this years’ fashion for girls 2020.

Among these colors, the lively pink, blue, and red are taking the center stage in the designer dresses for girl child in the UK.

9. Tweed in fashion

Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

As we have already seen that this years’ fashion for girls 2020 is all about being inspired by the good old days.

Tweed paired with floral design brings back the retro era fashion in this modern era.

This return of tweed in the latest fashion for baby girl is majorly inspired by the old-fashion designs showcased by the Made in Chelsea, a pop-culture media and the British style icon Kate Middleton.

But why tweed? Well, it’s classy, it’s British, and it’s a symbol of wealth and status.

The amalgam of this old and modern fashion trend, is contemporary and is one the most unique fashion twists that you should be paying attention to in 2020.

10. Dresses for tea

Image by Виктория Аникина from Pixabay

This is again another trend in the fashion for girls 2020 which is influenced by the old days.

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The high-class women of the bygone era of the 1800s, used to attend afternoon tea parties in dresses that were made from light and flowing fabrics.

Tea dresses are suitable for a lot of different design elements such as florals, bold colors, embroidery, and prints that are in trend for the baby girl dresses in 2020.

11. Go for the asymmetric

The designer dresses for girl child in this year’s fashion for girls 2020, asymmetric trends will be seen a lot.

Along with the cold-shoulders and bell sleeves from last year’s trends, the asymmetric designs will be a fashion statement in the latest fashion for baby girl.

Whether the dress is a frock or a gown or a simple skirt, the uneven hems give a modern touch to these designer dresses for girl child.

12. Unicorns are love

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

I know how much your little fashionistas love unicorns.

They are magical and beautifully unique creatures that are a delight for your baby girl.

So the designers this year have included unicorn print dresses in the latest fashion for baby girl catalog.

Apart from the multicolored unicorn dresses, you can also find simple colored ones with unicorn prints on them.

Don’t wait and get these party styled unicorn printed designer dresses for girl child ASAP.

13. Sequined Dresses – rare but exquisite

Image by Daniela Jakob from Pixabay

Sequins are those rare designer dresses for girl child that look exquisite in this year’s latest fashion for baby girl.

Make sure to include the sequined baby girl dresses in the closet of your little fashionista.

However, before buying these dresses make sure that they have a soft lining to prevent your little love bugs skin from being charred.

14. Majestic princess gowns

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

It’s impossible to talk about designer baby girl dresses and miss the majestic princess gowns.

Elsa, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora and a lot many Disney princesses have ruled the trends in the latest fashion for baby girl for decades.

Give you little princesses a chance to live their fantasy and outshine everyone in their beautiful Disney princess outfits.

Final Word

We all know you love your little tots a lot.

So, show them your love by adding these latest fashion for baby girl dresses in their closet and give them a chance to bring out their inner fashionistas.


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