5 Amazing Futuristic Trends in 2020

We are just a few months away in 2020, with new ideas and concepts in various spheres of life.  We are looking at 2020 as a year that will scale up and accelerate some highly differentiating trends that will transform the workspace. Here are some 5 amazing futuristic trends to look forward to in 2020. 

The Change due to the Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that the world is facing, this decade is promising us with exciting futuristic plans for the modern workspace. 

These amazing futuristic trends will give opportunities for the employees to invent, inspire, lead, innovate, learn and create a better tomorrow.

Millennials and Gen Z are our future torch-bearers. They will be the one’s enhancing the use of digital technology in today’s world. As being digital is the new normal we should make use of this time to plan our amazing futuristic trends accordingly.

Our lifestyles have changed, the way we look at our future has slowed down physically but is way ahead in the digital world. Trends that are emerging during these quarantining days are creating a working space that is more thoughtful towards employees needs. 

It’s time we start adapting to this new kind of change as it will be more critical to the future of work and business. 

Above the keyboard dressing


Leading global trend forecaster WGSN reported “above the keyboard dressing” as a pivotal and as an amazing futuristic trend for 2020 as we are becoming more reliant on screen based communications for professional and personal events. 

Webinars and video calls have replaced our face-to-face meetings, while social distancing is playing our priority. 

As on-screen communications become the norm, working from home will change how we present ourselves. Our camera area and communication zone will become even more important. 

While off screen clothing, that is, below the waist, will remain on comfort, simplicity and functionality, on screen clothing will reflect self-expression and the right impression. 

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Emphasis will be placed on statement necklines and sleeve shapes (visible elements). In accessories, ‘off-screen’ items such as shoes and bags will become less important, instead replaced by bold jewellery, especially earrings and necklaces that makes amazing futuristic trends. 

For example, Koovs had recently posted an editorial on the power of above the keyboard dressing and how to strike a balance between professionalism and coziness. 

Made in Nature

Products that cater to the localism trend are generally perceived to be of higher-quality, more sustainable and more authentic than mass-produced alternatives; factors which are becoming increasingly important to shoppers. 

While there are many motivating factors behind this amazing futuristic trend, it is estimated that the demand for ‘local’ is being driven increasing anti-globalisation sentiments among consumers. 

The movement may be hitting mainstream shoppers, but localism has been around for many years, most noticeably in the proliferation of farmer’s markets, where consumers have an opportunity to ‘reconnect’ with their food.

Giving nature the time to craft a product will provide added value and uniqueness. Forget about being made in a specific country, products ‘made in nature’ will be the next luxury item and the most amazing futuristic trend in 2020.

Addressing concerns around resources and transparency, products created in their regional habitat from indigenous ingredients or local materials will be the ultimate ‘limited editions’, with items restricted to the seasons they grow in and environmental conditions.



Anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorders can all go hand in hand with chronic skin conditions, either as a by-product of a skin issue or even as the catalyst for one. 

The stresses of modern living are making conditions such as hair shedding, rosacea, cystic acne and psoriasis the norm for many in the age of social media, when the pressure for skin to appear perfect is greater than ever. 

The field of psychodermatology – a treatment that uses the gut-brain-skin connection to address skin conditions. This holistic approach acknowledges the impact a skin disease or condition can have on the psyche and vice versa, and is set to gain traction from 2022 onwards, according to WGSN. 

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“If you have a chronic skin condition like acne or rosacea that has no ‘cure’ so to speak, that can be really hard to deal with psychologically. 

It’s unpredictable and you can end up planning your life around your ‘good skin days” says consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto. In the 2020s, dermatology will be about the emotional as much as the physical and this is another amazing futuristic trend we will see in 2020.

AI Skin Technology

The concept of beauty and cosmetics has advanced and for each curve on our face, there now exists a product available to enhance and project it beautifully. These are amazing futuristic trends.

The last quarter of 2019 saw many brands try out their hand in AI skin technology, from Vichy to L’Oréal. Other at-home technology includes online systems such as Olay’s Skin Advisor, and apps such as TroveSkin, both of which allow users to capture images of their skin in order to get to the bottom of any issues, before suggesting which course of action to take next. 

Hyderabad-based SkinKraft Laboratories, for instance, is one of the few cosmetics companies in India that uses machine learning (ML) to provide more accurate product suggestions to customers keeping their specific skin and health requirements in mind.

Using technology to improve the in-store experience is another area which is being explored at the global level by a few companies and is an amazing futuristic trend we will be seeing. 

So when customers walk in they won’t have to rely on assumptions of shop assistants but can take advantage of AI and face recognition to get better insights.

Digital Fragrances


Over the last few decades, brands have used scent to give the customers something to associate them with. We are always breathing; therefore, we are always smelling – but without us realising. 

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This is an advanced technology that brands are cultivating so as to keep their customers associated with their brands for a long run. This is one of the most amazing futuristic trends in 2020.

The sense of smell is directly hardwired into our brain. The brands doing it effectively are doing it without you realising. Take Nescafé, who have embedded the smell of ‘Nescafé coffee’ in their labels for decades, so you smell it off the shelf.

Scent technology is making headway as the sense of smell seems to answer many of the demands of our present culture. There’s a device made by the brand Cyrano. It is a scent speaker which uses a range of scent capsules to emit “playlists” of smells. 

Cyrano also allows users to create a mood melody and then send the combo to a friend through their app. The scent is paired with a video on the app so they travel through each scene: kind of like a scent-o-gram. 

Japanese device “Scentee Machina” is called the next generation smart room diffuser equipped with AI technology, allowing users to control the fragrance via smartphone.

Students from the Royal College of Art, London attended a two-day workshop at IKEA and expressed to CPL Aromas, that “It’s clear that smell is always modulating our mood and experience and that product developers have ample technologies and techniques for leveraging the sense of smell. Some of those exist today, but even more exciting ones lay ahead and are amazing futuristic trends!’

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For businesses to be successful, they have to adapt to these new technologies that are advancing day by day and these are the amazing futuristic trends.

Technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Digital Media, Collaborative softwares etc are being a major influence in the world. Learn about these amazing futuristic trends and the advancements to keep your brand or business efficient and reliable. 

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