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lakshita Awasthi

Lakshita is currently pursuing a undergraduate degree. She's following her passion in writing. She's joyous and generous with a happy heart.

5 Tips for Looking Good on Zoom

Every person is beautiful but carrying yourself properly is the tremendous kind. Looking good is a compliment you get when you smile freely with simple looks too. It’s not necessary to wear fashionable clothes. Looking good increases your confidence and…

10 Tips to Waste less Food

Waste less food can only be saved when you know what you dump. Examples of avoidable food waste are leftovers from a meal, expired food, stale food, and blemished fruits and vegetables.  Read more to know various food hack which prevents from wasting food. Buy…

Healthy Food Style for Daily Life

Healthy Food Style
In-take of healthy food is expensive but you can’t be healthy without eating it. Free yourself from trainers, stop visits to fitness doctor. You can learn how to build healthy habits at home. Proper quantity of vitamins and protein is…