New Fashion Trends For Baby Boys That Would Get You Compliments!

Playing dress up begins at age five, and never truly ends”.

Kate spade

Everyone desires to be fashionable and up to date with the current trend.
A piece of cloth can be worn by many but what creates the difference is the way a person carries it!

Whether it’s a traditional outfit or a western dress, carrying it gracefully would prove to be a brownie point for you.

But over time, the scenario has changed and new fashion trends have come into action. Here we have listed a few new fashion trends that you can follow for your baby boy.

When it comes to dressing our children, we are instantly in a dilemma because our options get limited. Comfort, quality of fabric and most importantly looks are few things that no parents would compromise with.

20 years ago, most of the time I had come across Mommies that would complain about the restriction of the variety of clothes available for baby boys in the market! For girls, it was pretty easily available, but for boys, fashion was getting monotonous.

How to dress your boy according to the new fashion trends during the summer?

New Fashion Trends

1.1 Latest Fashion trends for Summer

Summer can sometimes be a bummer for children. With heavy sweating, itching and rashes on the body parents prefer to dress their children with light colored and comfortable clothes.
Since it’s  also a holiday time, many families go out for vacation and take up various sports.

One thing every parent should keep in mind is to select cotton, Georgette or chiffon fabric because they not only absorb sweat but also soothes the body. Cotton absorbs the sweat very easily and helps in easy evaporation of sweat leaving the body cooler.

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And when it comes to color always go for light colored clothes, because they do not absorb heat. They reflect the heat and white color is the best to choose among them.

Here are few dress that any parent can opt for new fashion for boys:

  • Round neck t-shirts and shorts are a good choice even if your child is at home. They not only give a handsome look but also a sense of comfort to the boy and you don’t have to worry about changing their clothes in case any unexpected guests arrive.
  • Hoodie pullover with pockets and short pants would come to your rescue if you have forgotten to take along a baby hat with you. A hoodie would work both as a style icon and would also provide shade against the sun. It is among the latest new fashion trends.
  • Are you planning to visit a beach and worried about what would be the perfect dress for your child? Don’t worry we have just the right thing for you. Unisex baby bodysuit with bottoms is a perfect nautical outfit that you can choose without any doubt.
  • Dungaree with light-colored t-shirts would be one of the best choices in terms of fashion. It gives a funky look and it would go extremely well with a hat.

1.2 New Styles For Winter

The essence of winter is admired by many people.

Snow, chilly winds, and cold climate is loved by everyone. It also gives ample opportunity to engage children in various sports like snow fighting, ice skating, sledding and many more.

But this weather is also a concern for many parents, because they have to be a little extra careful for their children.  This damp and cold weather brings in lots of infection, cold and flu that can easily affect children.

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But it also does not mean that you can not follow New Fashion Trends for boys. Choosing the right cloth according to the season is an art. And here we are to help you out.

  • Are you tired of using the same old sweater for your child? Let me tell you how you can use it with a twist. A collared shirt and full pants with a unicolor sweater is a dress that your child would surely receive compliments for!
  • A sweatshirt with a jogging trouser would be a great fit for the home. It would keep your child warm and imbibe a sense of coziness within him. You can easily set aside questions like
    what if my child catches a cold? Is it enough? Should I put on some more layers on him?
  • While going out and if the weather is moderately cold, Denim jackets with a round neck t-shirt and denim jeans would leave people drooling over your sense of fashion.
  • While shopping for winter clothes, people might get confused regarding jackets to choose among innumerable varieties. Leather, puffer, and fur coats would be an excellent choice to keep your child warm and in style during the cold.

How to dress on occasion according to the new fashion for boys ?

Dressing your child according to the occasion can be sometimes mind boggling and  tiresome activity. 

It’s very important to focus on how to dress your child accordingly because after all it’s you alone who have to make the decision.

You obviously don’t want your child to look odd one out whether it’s a Party or a Marriage ceremony. Wearing inappropriate dress at various places could sometimes lead to awkwardness and a big question mark on your sense of style.

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You just always consider the event before dressing your child.

Here we have listed a few events along with the choice of dress that you can go with without hesitating!

  • Whether it’s a Puja or a small ceremony at home, embroidered kurta with dhoti or pajama on your baby boy would surely steal the attention of the audience. Embroidered clothes are comfortable to wear for babies because it’s not heavily designed and it’s comfortable for skin too.
  • Is it your child’s birthday and you are confused about the perfect dress for your tiny tot?
    The best way to get rid of such thoughts is to always lean to colorful clothes. Fancy Kurta, Denim jackets with jeans would be a wonderful choice. But make sure the color contrast is bright and frolic. Being the jolly day of your child’s life, you definitely can not choose any dull or light colors!
  • When it comes to marriage, you have plenty of options to follow according to the new fashion trends. Stylish Sherwani with Rajasthani jooti could be your first choice. It is not only an extravagant choice but would also add a tinge of tradition. If the weather is cold, wearing sweaters on sherwani would definitely not be on your list. So you can go with blazers with waistcoat and a bow tie.

Final word :

As Diana Vreeland has said “Fashion is the part of a daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.”

New fashion trends are constantly changing. You just have to know what suits your boy the most.

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